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4 Axis 0.4kW DYN2 AC Servo CNC System

4 Axis 0.4kW DYN2 AC Servo CNC System

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DMM Technology's CNC package is the comprehensive solution to new builds, repairs or retrofits. Suitable for a variety of multi-axis machine types, the DYN2 servo system's precision and response guarantees the highest overall performance. All components are play for fastest installation and set up. The package is compatible with a variety of CNC controllers for highest system versatility.

Save 5% on total component cost when you purchase the CNC package!

Documentation and Media
CNC Package Set Up Instructions - Video

Package Specification

This package includes the following components. Please refer to the individual components pages for details. The servo drive software is a free download from our website here.

Part Number Description Quantity
DYN2-TLA6S-00 DYN2-TLA6S-00 AC Servo Drive 4
640-DST-A6TK1 60mm Frame, 0.40kW, 60V Class, With Key 4
DMB4250-8B Breakout Board 1
S-1K0-48 DC Power Supply Input: 110~240VAC 17A Output: 48VDC 20.8A 1
CAEN-LH3-TSP 3m DYN2 Encoder Cable 4
CAMP-LH3-SSP 3m DYN2 Motor Power Cable 4
CA-25DBM-6A 6ft DB25 Parallel Port Breakout Board to PC 1
CA-DMUS-6AB 6ft USB Type A to Type B Breakout Board to PC 1
CA-MO512-2H 2ft Breakout Board to DYN2 Servo Drive 4
HW-04-NPS Inductive Proximity - 5mm, Non Contact, LED Indicated 3
HE-04-RMS E-Stop Switch 1
CA-MTUSB-FR1 DYN servo drive USB tuning cable 1

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