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DMB4250-8B  CNC Breakout Board

DMB4250-8B CNC Breakout Board



The DMB4350-8B Breakout Board features up to 5 axis CNC operation, PWM analog output for spindle control, and 3 I/O extensions. All interface is hardware based for highest reliability and all connections are plug and play for fast set-up. A +5V TTL/CMOS logic signal can also be utilized for external PLC control.


  • Fully buffered Opto-isolated I/O
  • Isolated PWM analog output signal for spindle speed control
  • Charge Pump relay: +24V, 1A (2 x Normally Open, 1 x Normally Closed)
  • +5V TTL/CMOS logic communication for use with PLC control
  • ESTOP and Servo Alarm hardware logic loop to stop motor and Charge Pump
  • All Inputs anti-noise low pass filtered
  • Hardware slaved secondary X' axis from primary X axis for gantry applications
  • Up to 3 Open-Drain I/O extensions for Flood/Mist/ATC etc.
  • On board Fuse and Smooth Capacitors for Drive voltage

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